Portrait of Anne Christensen, Yoga Instructor

“I am a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher with a focus on strength, balance and flexibility. I teach Yin, Restorative, Stretch, Gentle, Basics, Chair, and Speciality yoga classes.”


A focused practice that gently stresses the joints, connective tissue, and bones to increase flexibility and range of motion. Seated and supine poses aided by a variety of supportive props allow gravity to do the work during the 1 to 5 minute holds. Appropriate for all levels; modifications offered.

A deeply relaxing practice that coaxes the parasympathetic nervous system to quiet the mind and rejuvenate the body. Seated and reclined poses fully supported by props are held for 5 to 20 minutes. Appropriate for all levels; modifications offered. The ultimate “doing less is more” practice.

A full-body practice that reinvigerates tight muscles to reduce pain and increase mobility. Standing, seated, and supine poses plus a variety of props to locate those hard-to-reach places. Appropriate for all levels—from professional athletes to office workers to retirees—and modifications are offered.

An all-round gentle practice to move the body, increase strength and joint mobility, improve balance, and focus the mind. Standing, seated, and supine poses where students can explore both movement and holds. Appropriate for all levels; modifications offered.

A more physically demanding version of the Gentle practice where a broad variety of classic yoga poses are introduced. Standing, seated, and supine poses encourage students to explore both movement and holds. Appropriate for all levels; modifications offered.

Chair Yoga
A seated practice that gently moves the body; great for those with physical challenges. This practice combines gentle flow to move the joints, longer holds to build muscular strength, and focused breathing to invite deep relaxation. Appropriate for all levels—including the option to explore standing poses—and modifications are offered.

Specialty Classes
A specialty practice that focuses on specific issues such as stress management, injury prevention, and pain relief. This includes mindful breathing techniques to alleviate stress responses, building strength to improve balance, and stretching tight muscles. The main focus here is to condition the body and mind to counter high levels of mental and physical stress in order to facilitate a healthy response in your work environment.

Training & Certifications

200-hour Yoga Alliance Hatha Teacher

200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher training with Christy Marsden, Nicole Eber, and Bekah Finch at YogaBlend, Burbank, California

Black Dog Yoga

20-hour Yin Yoga Teacher training with Sigrid Matthews and Dani Robinson at Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks, California


Assistant teacher for Nicole Eber's Stretch class at YogaBlend, Burbank, California

American Red Cross

CPR/AED certification by the American Red Cross

American Red Cross

First Aid certification by the American Red Cross

Los Angeles Fire Department

Community Emergency Response Team Level I certification by the Los Angeles Fire Department

About Anne

Anne Christensen, biography portrait

Anne Christensen is a longtime yoga practitioner and Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour teacher. Her practice is holistic and focuses on increasing strength, balance, and flexibility. Classes range from Yin, Restorative, Stretch, Gentle, Basics, Chair Yoga, to Specialty classes developed for those working in high-stress environments including first responders, emergency personnel, and those with physical challenges.

A varied background with fashion industry professionals, journalists, and first responders has highlighted the tolls that daily stress and repetitive movements can have on the body and mind. An area of special interest is how the centuries old yoga practice may improve mental resiliency and prevent debilitating physical injuries for those employed in challenging professions.

Anne's path to yoga came about by accident. As a lifelong athlete, Anne joined a Basics class with Patty Pierce at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, California, on a whim and was amazed at the combined physical exertion and mental quiet. Since then, the practice has continued with teachers as varied as Jenny Brill, Karen Apostolina, and Heidi Kaufman. Anne is certified through Yoga Blend in Burbank under the tutelage of Christy Marsden, Nicole Eber, and Bekah Finch. The future goal is to pursue an advanced 300-hour trauma-informed yoga certificate to offer the benefits of yoga to a wider audience.

As a native of Denmark, Anne has taught yoga to patients and volunteers at the Danish Heart Association, residents at the rehabilitation facility Fontænehuset Frederikshavn, and members of the Workers' Union North (AOF Nord). Anne currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and two cats.

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“Anne was very skilled at involving the students while also creating space for them, and suggesting how to modify the poses for each person's ability.”

Mikael Sandst Jensen
Manager, Fontænehuset Frederikshavn (rehabilitation facility)

“Anne greeted everyone and made them feel acknowledged during practice. It was great to see how she quickly modified each pose—either making it more accessible or challenging—in a professional, fun and educational way. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anne as an instructor and as a person.”

Peter Lyster
Proprietor, Loop Fitness

“As a teacher, Anne was always prepared with a diverse program for our members. She is pleasant, calm, and comfortable in her role as a teacher, while also remaining humble as a yoga facilitator. Anne is highly competent, an inspiring and motivating teacher whom I'm happy to give my best recommendations.”

Helle Marckstrøm
Teacher, the Workers' Union North (AOF Nord)

“I was pleasantly surprised that I could fully participate in Anne's Chair Yoga despite my physical limitations, and that I was able to quiet my mind during the meditation and breath exercises. Anne is a fantastic yoga teacher with a kind personality and a soft voice that gently guided us through a relaxing experience.”

Jørgen Christensen
Chairman, the Danish Heart Association (Frederikshavn branch)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your teaching schedule?
I teach group classes at YogaBlend in Burbank:
• Gentle Yoga every Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00am
• Plus I regularly sub Yin Yoga for Christy Marsden on Tuesdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
I also teach private clients in their own homes, group classes in the gym or the great outdoors (yes, a lawn counts!), and corporate clients in office buildings. Feel free to contact me to explore which setting is most appropriate for your needs.

I'm a new student; what should I expect in my first class?
This really depends on the class and the setting, but there are a few general guidelines.

What to do before class: Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, but are neither overly baggy or tight. Bring a towel if you're likely to sweat. Avoid wearing strong scents, including perfume or cologne. Turn off your electronic devices unless you are a first responder on-call. Sign the liability waiver, and bring attention to any issues that may impact your practice.

What to do during class: Listen to your body and use the teaching prompts as suggestions rather than commands. If you experience pain, then please come out of the pose; there are plenty of variations and modifications to keep your practice pain-free. Focus your attention inward during the poses; meaning how do you feel in the pose rather than how does your neighbor look. If you feel fatigued or overwhelmed at any point, then please rest.

What should I bring?
Some students prefer to bring their own yoga mats either due to hygienic reasons or because they prefer a different size/color/thickness, etc. Generally speaking, mats will be provided, in addition to other props, unless noted otherwise.

What is a liability waiver?
All new students must sign a legal liability waiver prior to class to release the teacher from potential lawsuits. This is a standard industry practice and is a prerequisite to practice.

How do I pay for classes?
All payments, from single classes to series, must be submitted in full via debit/credit card, cash, or PayPal prior to class start.

Are you a medical professional?
Absolutely not. If you have medical concerns, then please discuss whether a yoga practice is right for you with your general practitioner or physical therapist. A yoga practice does not replace regular medical attention and should not replace your current treatment plan without medical consultation.


For more information about teaching schedule—including private, group, special, or corporate classes—and other business opportunities, please be in touch.